About Us

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Our directors have been actively involved in energy saving since 2002. With experience of over 5000 solar systems supplied and installed across Northern Ireland.

Solar NI was formed to change people’s attitudes towards solar PV in Northern Ireland and to educate and promote public awareness to the benefits of modern solar power. Further to this, the company endeavours to offer the customer the most efficient and cost effective methods of harnessing free solar power and provide the highest quality and standard of installation and customer service.

Solar NI focuses on high quality PV Solar systems and stand by both product and installation with warranties and guarantees that will see you through 20 years of support and reliability. Read more here

Solar NI ensures that all of our roof and ground mounting systems are engineer certified and installed appropriately for your home or business. We use market leading micro inverters, to help you quickly convert your solar power into savings and ROC’s payments.

We provide innovative, reliable and powerful Solar PV Systems which are backed by a warranty program, in fact one of the most comprehensive warranties in the market. We don’t fill your roof space with inefficient panels, but use more effective Solar PV Systems that achieve results.

Northern Ireland has its own harsh weather conditions, which need durable and high quality products to stand up to these conditions for 20 years and more. Contact us today for more information about Northern Ireland’s best PV Solar Systems!