Why Choose Microinverters?

Advantages of of Solar Power Microinverters

Please see Solar NI products page‘s section about Enphase Solar Energy Systems for more detailed information. But in short, solar power microinverters offer the following advantages:

  •  8%+ additional energy generation vs traditional inverters
  •  20 years’ worth of warranty vs 5-10 years for traditional inverters
  •  Remote Monitoring is carried out by Enphase for faults and down time
  •  Ability to deal with shading due to panel by panel control
Have further questions?

Feel free to call Solar NI via telephone on 028 9244 0002, there is someone on hand from 9am to 8pm Monday – Thursday and until 6pm on Friday to take any questions / inquiries that you you may have.

Solar NI can also be contact for quotes via the form to the right of this paragraph.  Alternatively, our contact page contains postal, email and general inquiry form details.

Why use Solar NI?

Solar NI’s Guarantee

Solar NI are born from the Activ8 Solar Energies Group, with over a decade’s worth of experience in Solar PV Panel installations, repairs and maintenance works. We have Independent Warranties (IWAs) which ensure that all our guarantees for solar products and services are backed by an independent third party for additional piece of mind and consumer security.

Solar NI are the exclusive trusted distributor and service partner for Enphase Solar Energy Microinverters in Northern Ireland. This means that you and your purchases are safe in the best of hands for the entire lifetime of your solar energy system.

Where can I install PV Solar Panels?

South Facing PV Solar Panels Are Most Efficient

Solar panels are at their most efficient when facing south as this is the direction where most of Northern Ireland’s sunlight comes from. With this in mind, solar NI would strongly advise a customer to favour installations on the southern side of a structure as opposed to anywhere north of the east/west plane as this will produce significantly more solar generated energy.

Through our long standing relationship with Schletter Solar Panel Mounting Systems, we can easily fix any of our PV solar panels to all common roofing structures, with the capability to design and manufacture a bespoke solar panel mounting system for even the most complicated of roofing designs.

Please view our products page for more information about Schletter Solar Panel Mounting Systems.

How much energy will Solar Panels produce at my home?

The Factors Which Affect Solar Energy Production Efficiency:

Typically, a domestic PV solar energy system will generate anywhere between 1,500 to 3,500 units of electricity per year. There are many variables which influence the total amount of solar energy produced by your PV system.

The following factors all play a part in how much energy a PV solar energy system can generate:

  • the location of your home
  • the pitch of your roof
  • the orientation of your house
  • the amount of shade your roof will get
  • the size of your roof

All of these factors (and more) are taken into account by Solar NI’s team of experienced and professional Solar Energy Consultants when tasked with auditing your building for solar energy production potential.

How do Photovoltaic Panels produce electricity?

Simply put, Photovoltaic (PV) panels are made up of a layer of semi-conducting cells (consisting of ‘doped’ silicon with electrical wires printed on them) between a sheet of glass and a polymer resin. These cells become energised when exposed to sunlight, creating electricity in the process (i.e. power generation via solar energy). This solar generated electricity is then used to provide power to your house and any excess energy is then transferred into the national grid, which acts as a pooled solar energy resource for the nation.

What are Solar Panels?

Solar Panels are used as a means of collecting a free and completely renewable energy resource from the sun (solar energy). Upon collecting this solar energy, Solar Panels then convert it into usable electricity and / or hot water which is distributed around your home for everyday use.

How much energy is created by Solar Power?

In the space of an hour, the sun generates significantly more energy than the Earth and everyone in it can use in that space of time. As the sun is sending this much energy our way whether we decide to use it or not, it makes perfect logical sense that we should do whatever we can to harness this free and abundant source of energy. Using solar energy captured via solar panels is a win-win situation for everyone; it is not going to run out for another couple of billion years and doesn’t cost anything to harness, meaning that we no longer need to rely on non-renewable (not to mention expensive!) fossil fuels for our ongoing energy needs.

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels vs Water Heating Solar Panels.

Water Heating Solar Panels

Hot water producing Solar Thermal Panels were the first form of solar energy production to be brought to Northern Ireland. To that end, they can be relied on to consistently produce free hot water for your home for more than half the year (typical free solar generated hot water times account for about 60% of the calendar year in Northern Ireland).

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels

Unlike the aforementioned water heating solar panels, Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels are specially designed to produce electricity from the solar energy they collect. This solar generated electricity can be used to power virtually any electrical appliance that can be found in a typical household, greatly reducing the cost of your electricity bills.

Why not have both?

If you would also like to avail of hot water in addition to your solar generated electricity, you should consider investing in a Solar iBoost PV Array. This innovative addition to your PV based solar system allows you to get the best of both worlds by saving any surplus solar generated energy (which was originally intended to be used for electricity – PV Solar Panels often generate a lot more energy than a home can use) into your immersion (without the use of an iBoost system the excess energy would typically be transferred to the national grid). This means your PV Solar Panels will be producing free hot water for your home as well as the free electricity that they were designed to generate.

What is “Free” Solar ?

Free Solar (our green package) is where an investor pays for the installation of your Solar Photovolaic (PV) system, allowing you to reduce your electricity costs by up to £300 per year. The investor receives ROC (Renewables Obligation Certificates) payments which are guaranteed for 20 years – this way the investor is guaranteed a rate of return that exceeds the cost of installing the Solar PV System. In order to secure this 20 year investment, the investment company takes out a 20 year lease on the roof space, with the investor paying for any and all rooftop solar panel maintenance and breakdowns for the duration of this 20 year period.

Which Solar Energy System Package is best for me?

Here at Solar Northern Ireland we will always advise a customer to buy their solar energy system themselves o long as they have the means to do so as it tends to be more beneficial to them in terms of gaining limitless savings on electricity bills. However, if solar energy system buyers are simply looking for savings on their electricity bills and do not have the budget to purchase a full system wit their own capitol, then our Green Package is the perfect choice for them.

For more information on the Free Solar Package, please refer the section relating to our Green Package on the Solar Packages page of this website.