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Enphase Energy Advanved Solar Inverter

Enphase Solar Energy Systems

Your decision to install Solar Panels is a 20 year investment, so make sure to choose the Solar Energy Package that gives you total peace of mind for the lifetime of your investment. As pioneers of microinverter technology since 2006, you can rely on Enphase Solar Products for decades to come.

Enphase Solar Energy System Charts

Enlighten Software

Enlighten’s Advanced Monitoring software provides an unprecedented solar energy intelligence system which provides easy to use management capabilities, for solar energy system installers, owners and operators.
Enlighten Software features include:

  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance
  • Promotional features (inc. Kiosk display)
  • Web-based (mobile & desktop) functionality

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Finally, you can monitor your solar energy system from your Smart phone or PC through the Enphase Enlighten software. This is also how we can monitor your system, with alerts of downtime sent straight to Solar NI where we can remotely diagnose any issues your solar energy system may encounter! With Enphase, you solar power system truly is “Fit and Forget” – to find out more about this brilliant system, Click Here

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Suntech Solar Panels

As the world’s leading producer of solar modules, Suntech Power have shipped over 25,000,000 Solar Voltaic Panels worldwide. They put all of their passion and expertise into manufacturing first-class solar products, combining the highest levels of quality and reliability with excellent value for money.

Monocrystalline Solar Module

  • High Module Conversion Efficiency of up to 16.6% can be  achieved through advanced cell technology and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Special 4 Busbar Solar Cell Design leads to reduction in electrode resistance.
  • Positive Tolerance of up to 5% delivers higher output reliability.
  • Suntech Current Sorting Process maximises system output by reducing mismatched losses by up to 2% with modules sorted and packaged according to amperage.
  • Extended Wind & Snow Load Tests – certified to withstand extreme wind (3,800 Pascals) and snow (5,400 Pascals)
  • PID Resistance – Advanced cell technology and qualified materials resulting in high resistance to PID.

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Schletter Intelligent Solar mounting Systems

Intelligent Solar Panel Mounting Systems

  • Germany’s leading producer of state-of-the-art solar Panel mounting systems.
  • Produced exclusively in Kirchdorf/Haag in Upper Bavaria, Germany.
  • 10 year Warranty on all mounting systems.
  • Each mounting system is calculated and specified using Schletter’s design software, creating a bespoke custom solution for each house.


Suntech Solar Power Installation Guide
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Solar iBoost

The Solar iBoost only uses energy that would have otherwise been exported, allowing you to use a greater amount of the free energy which your Solar NI system has produced!

 Solar iBoost Energy System Diagram

Benefits of the Solar iBoost:

  • Maximise the use of your free solar energy
  • Cut the cost of heating your water
  • Reduce the required usage of your boiler



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Samil Power PV Grid-Tied Converters
We use Samil Power for our string inverters. Used on both our Gold and Green packages, you can rest assured that there is a 10 year warranty which, for a string inverter, exceeds the industry standard of 5 years.

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